English to Hebrew Meaning :: lecture

הַרצָאָה, דִברֵי מוּסָר, דְרוּשׁלְהַרְצוֹת, לְהַטִיף מוּסָר
Lecture :
- הַרצָאָההרצההרצאותמַרצוּתהרצה

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Noun(1) a speech that is open to the public(2) a lengthy rebuke(3) teaching by giving a discourse on some subject (typically to a class
Verb(1) deliver a lecture or talk(2) censure severely or angrily

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(1) She logged off of whatever it was that she was doing on her computer and stood to lecture the class on Hamlet, which was the play we were studying for the time being.(2) Was he seriously going to lecture me on how much I had to drink?(3) He is currently compiling his lecture notes into a second book on the topic.(4) If there is a discussion between parents and children, it generally follows that the parents lecture the children on proper patterns of thought and behaviour.(5) For a moment, it feels like I'm back in a university lecture theatre.(6) The lecture seemed even longer than usual and our convo seemed to go on forever.(7) But this isn't your usual hell-in-a-handcart lecture .(8) And he explained that the college lecture circuit was full of speakers peddling this propaganda.(9) When that is done, he can lecture the rest of racing about the lack of competitiveness.(10) I suspect Lord Fyre to come and give Christine the usual lecture of ÔÇÿHow dare you storm off like that?ÔÇÖ(11) I sit in my class now, half listening to the teacher's lecture .(12) He gave a wonderful illustrated lecture on how to video a wedding.(13) the usual lecture on table manners(14) Teachers who lecture send the message that they are an expert source of information.(15) If mom heard it, she could expect a serious lecture on ÔÇÿnot calling your eldest sister nicknamesÔÇÖ.(16) Why on earth should we presume to lecture the rest of the world on conflict resolution?
Related Words
(1) lecture hall ::
אולם הרצאות
1. speech ::
2. scolding ::
3. public lecture ::
הרצאה פומבית
6. give a lecture ::
לתת הרצאה
7. teach ::
8. scold ::
9. talk ::
10. lambaste ::
לְהַרְבִּיץ כְּהוֹגֶן
Different Forms
lecture, lectured, lectures, lectureship, lectureships, lecturing
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