English to Hebrew Meaning :: germinal

Germinal :
- נֶבֶטִי

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Noun(1) seventh month of the Revolutionary calendar (March and April
Adjective(1) containing seeds of later development

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(1) The film represents something of a milestone - many of the elements of all the crime and action films of the future are here already, in germinal form.(2) Teratoma typically contains tissues derived from all 3 germinal layers, whereas dermoid cyst presumably originates from ectoderm and mesoderm.(3) She's currently putting together a collection of fiction that includes these pieces, and a second novel is in the germinal stage.(4) Microscopy revealed acellular laminated membranes with a germinal layer within the medullary cavity of the tibia and fibula.(5) Our investigation reveals that there is constant origin of ovarian follicles from the germinal epithelium among taxa.(6) An emerging constant among vertebrates is the presence of a germinal epithelium composed of somatic and germ cells in both males and females.(7) The cell synthesized by somatic cell nuclear transfer, no less than the fertilized egg, is a human organism in its germinal stage.(8) Indeed, it is significant that in this book, Smith's interpretation of Marx is in part derived from Bertell Oilman's germinal book Alienation.(9) In germinal lineages, replicative insertions are frequent, occurring in premeiotic, meiotic, and postmeiotic cells, while excision events are rare.(10) The germinal idea here was that the dead walk the earth.(11) The cells in the germinal zone have receptors for growth hormone, and growth hormone is probably directly responsible for stimulating these stem cells to proliferate.(12) That these are not T lymphocytes was confirmed by CD3 immunostaining, which showed only occasional T cells in the germinal centers.(13) The role of the Sertoli cells is to nourish the developing and maturing germinal cells which are eventually released into the lumen of the tubule as spermatozoa.(14) The primitive germinal cells are the spermatogonia, which lie peripherally in the tubule wall, outside the barrier of Sertoli cell junctions.(15) It isn't sensible to make predictions based on evolution when cloning and germinal choice technology are a decade away.(16) With Solomon, thoughtfulness prevailed, reducing both concertos to the germinal idea.
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English to Hebrew Dictionary: germinal

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